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Common Back Pain Myths: The Facts About Spine Surgery

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Posted: Jan 30, 2012 | by admin | 3 Comments

When it comes to back problems, there are many misconceptions out there. Read on to learn the truth.

MYTH: Spine surgeons only prescribe surgery.
FACT: At The Spine Center of Hampton Roads, our director Dr. Mark Kerner places more emphasis on non-operative treatments for back pain. While many people think that surgery is the “solution” for chronic pain relief, the vast majority of our patients have back problems that can be – and are – resolved without surgery. We only recommend surgery as a last resort for certain individuals.

MYTH: Herniated discs need to be surgically repaired.
FACT: If you have a herniated disc, it’s important that you visit a back specialist, but keep in mind that over 75% of herniated discs heal on their own – regardless of intervention. A spine specialist can tell you how to accelerate your recovery while “waiting it out.”

MYTH: Spinal fusions always lead to more surgery.
FACT: We know that horror stories exist about failed back surgery. But, the reality is that skilled spine surgeons very rarely perform fusions that require additional, follow-up surgery.

Dr. Mark Kerner is a fellowship-trained spine surgeon who sees patients at The Spine Center‘s Meade Parkway location in Suffolk, Virginia and in Portsmouth, Virginia at the MAST One Building.

To make an appointment with Dr. Kerner or one of our spine specialists, please call 757.397.6930.


  1. Diana Mar 3, 2012

    My spinal surgeon here in Hawaii has told me that I am not a good candidate for ADR. I was recommended to your hospital by my good friend and Seattle resident David Kusumoto. I am also retired and on a fixed pension. I need to have insurance coverage for the procedure. I am having a Hemi laminotomy done on Oct. 22. I forgot to mention that the reason he does not like me for ADR is my arthritis and bone spurs. I have been diagnosed with DDD for at least 3 yrs. Please reply.Aloha, Michael Inouye

    • VOSS Mar 5, 2012

      Good morning, Diana!

      We can’t directly address your condition online, but we’d like to hear more from you. Please give us a call at (757) 215-3789 or contact us directly through the website contact form so we can follow-up with you appropriately!

      • Lucy Mar 19, 2012

        I have been dealing with neck pain for a few years now. I have had pradueil shots and been treated with pain medication. My herniated disks are in the upper neck of my spine. Those shots didn’t last very long unfortunately only like a week or so.

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