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Treat Whiplash Sooner – Not Later

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Posted: Apr 10, 2012 | by admin | 0 Comment

back pain, back injury, spine injury, spine pain, herniated disc, slipped disc, scoliosis, pinched nerve, back specialist, spine specialist, spine surgeon, back surgeon, The Spine Center of Hampton Roads, Mark KernerWhiplash is a sudden forward and/or backward movement of the head after an accident or a fall. Even minor “whipping” of the cervical vertebrae of the neck, in a car accident of fall, can cause severe trauma to the neck muscles and tissues.

After an accident many patients report feeling fine, but current studies show that damage to the neck and back from an accident may not manifest for a long time – for hours or even years. The damage to the spine can go undetected and lead to biomechanical stress, which later results in chronic pain.

If you suffer an injury to the ligaments in the neck or back that is untreated, you body begins to adapt in order to support the injured area. These adjustments over time can cause postural abnormalities and joint dysfunction. Sometimes scarring develop in the tendons and ligaments which leads to pain and restricted movement.

Left untreated the muscles will remain tight and the spine will wear unevenly and lead to degeneration due to the atypical stress. These problems can lead to disc bulges, nerve pain, hypolordosis, arthritis and instability.

If you or a friend has been in any fall, collision or motor vehicle accident, please do not ignore back or neck pain. Following an accident, it should receive immediate attention from a spine specialist.

The Spine Center of Hampton Roads
At the Spine Center of Hampton Roads, we create a unified treatment program that promotes communication and continuity of care for our patients. Our spine surgeon Dr. Mark Kerner specializes in minimally invasive surgery, the treatment of painful cervical disks, and the care of patients with failed back surgery. Dr. Kerner completed a post-graduate fellowship in Spine Surgery at the San Francisco Spine Institute. In addition to his surgical training, Dr. Kerner places significant emphasis on non-operative treatments of back pain.

Contact us today to learn more and the Spine Center, and how we can help you on the path toward good spinal health.

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