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Diagnosing and Treating Neck Injuries

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Posted: Jul 10, 2012 | by admin | 0 Comment

Some neck pain isn’t threatening. Most people will have a minor neck problem from everyday wear and tear at one time or another. However, sometimes neck conditions can develop as the result of overuse or injury (most commonly during sports or recreational activities, work-related tasks, or projects around the home). That’s why it’s important to understand the different kinds of neck pain – to distinguish between a passing ache and a serious injury.

Neck pain can range from a feeling of stiffness to severe pain radiating down the upper back or arms. In some cases, neck movement may be limited, usually more to one side than the other.

Home treatments (over the counter pain relievers, heat, and rest) will often help relieve neck pain caused by minor injuries. But if that doesn’t help lessen your discomfort, a physician or orthopaedic specialists can recommend physical therapy, manipulative therapy (such as chiropractic or osteopathic), medicine, and in some cases surgery. Treatment options typically depend on the injury (location, type, and severity) and your personal health history (age, health condition, and activities).

If you have been struggling with chronic neck pain, visit your primary care physician. He or she can check your symptoms and help to decide if you should see an orthopaedic specialist.

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