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Weighing the Benefits: Joint Repair vs. Joint Replacement Surgery

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Posted: Jan 28, 2013 | by admin | 0 Comment

sports injury, sports medicine specialist, knee injury, hip injury, joint injury, joint pain, sports medicine, orthopaedic surgeon, orthopaedic surgeryNot all patients need a partial or full replacement. Some benefit from arthroscopic, minimally invasive, joint repair, which uses a small incision, which allows the surgeon to treat the problem in an outpatient setting.

Joint Arthroscopy Surgery
Arthroscopy is designed for certain injuries. For instance, twisting your knee and accidentally getting a meniscus tear can be addressed arthroscopically as long as there is no severe arthritis. This surgery has a relatively short recovery time; most patients are up right away, limping for up to a week or so.

Joint Replacement Surgery
For patients suffering from arthritis and more severe joint problems, joint replacement surgery is an option after all other treatments have failed. If cortisone injections, joint strengthening physical therapy, or weight loss fail to relieve joint pain, your orthopaedic specialist may determine that you are a candidate.

Replacement can require up to a three-day stay in the hospital. Knee and hip replacements are getting more and more advanced and most patients are up and moving within hours of their surgery using a walking assistance, like a walker or a cane for a week or so. Partial knee replacement patients recover in half that time.

Physical Therapy

After either procedure, patients receive physical therapy to help optimize their recovery. Joint replacement therapy typically includes home visits and a list of exercises to do on their own. (Hip replacements have less pain afterward with a quick return to regular activities, but knee rehabilitation takes a little longer.)

If you are considering an arthroscopic or total joint replacement surgery contact the experts at VOSS today at 757.215.3789 for more information about your choices.

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