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Four Ways to Get Your Vitamin K

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Posted: Jul 26, 2019 | by admin | 0 Comment

avocado-bread-close-up-1351238Are you getting enough Vitamin K? This particular substance is beneficial for strong bones and blood clotting, helping people to heal from injury. If you’ve heard that eating lots of leafy greens, like spinach or spring mix, can help with bone fractures, it’s because of Vitamin K.

You may not be aware, though, of a connection to joint pain relief. Some studies suggest that Vitamin K works to reduce inflammation in the joints, while a deficiency in this vitamin could lead to a greater risk of arthritis and similar pain. This doesn’t necessarily mean a steady diet of Vitamin K rich foods is a cure for what aches you. It’s still important to discuss your joint health with a physician who can recommend the proper treatment.

Watching your diet for balanced levels of Vitamin K, however, may assist in pain relief when you need it.  A few simple changes to your weekly menu can ensure you’re getting enough.

Splurge on the avocado toast. Half an avocado yields about 18% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin K. If this brunch treat is not your thing, try some avocado slices on your favorite sandwich or in an egg-white omelet.

Switch up your salads. Spinach is one of the better known Vitamin K-rich foods, offering well over the 100% DV. If you’re a regular at the grocery salad bar, use more of this leafy green as your salad’s base instead of iceberg. 

Saute your sides. Mustard greens and kale are delicious sides that complement any protein. They are healthful alternatives to starchy sides, too. Try cooking your greens with a bit of fat or oil. Vitamin K is fat soluble, and your body can better absorb it this way.

Pass the (kale) chips. Reach for a bag of kale chips when you’re in the mood to snack. Most brands of this plant-based treat have your daily recommended value of Vitamin K.

Diet is but one part of the full continuum care needed to manage joint pain. At Bon Secours Virginia Orthopaedic and Spine Specialists, our team of physicians and therapists offer patients expert care designed to improve their quality of life. If you have questions about your joint pain, contact us today.
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