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Get Into the Swing During National Golf Month

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Posted: Aug 2, 2019 | by admin | 0 Comment

athlete-daylight-game-1409004Some days, chronic joint pain can get the best of you. At Bon Secours Virginia Orthopaedic & Spine Specialists, we help patients manage pain brought on by age, illness or injury so they may continue to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities. August is National Golf Month, and if you’re feeling an urge to get in a good walk with your clubs this weekend, you don’t have to let joint aches or stiffness keep you off the green.

Before You Begin

Warming up before any type of activity keeps you limber and helps reduce risk of injury and hurt. While golf may not seem as strenuous a sport as tennis or football, those who play know how much stress can be put on the body during play. Take a few minutes before tee time to stretch your arms, legs, and upper body. Watch your posture and grip, too, as a you prepare each shot.

Hydration is also important. You won’t run from tee to tee, and even if you use a cart you will spend a lot of time in the sun. Drink water as you play whenever possible.

Watch Your Gear

Walking the course is good exercise, but lugging a heavy golf bag can put unnecessary stress on your arms and shoulders. If you don’t have a caddy to help during your game, consider playing with lightweight clubs, and a wheeled bag you can pull rather than carry.

The Arthritis Foundation offers an extensive list of tips to help you get back into the swing of this popular sport.

Whether you enjoy the occasional round of golf or any other outside activity, the experts at Virginia Orthopaedic & Spine Specialists are here to provide the help you need to get off the bench. We offer a variety of solutions to help manage your joint pain and allow you to enjoy a full, active life. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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