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Four Tips to Reduce Joint Pain at Work

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Posted: Oct 18, 2019 | by admin | 0 Comment

joint pain at workEight hours behind a desk may not seem strenuous, but the work involved can take its toll on the body. Poor posture coupled with marathon writing or typing, to say nothing of high pressure situations that cause stress, can contribute to joint pain. When you neglect self-care during the workday, perhaps because of deadlines or being “in the zone,” you suffer the risk of declining performance and eventual burnout. 

Relief from stiffness and discomfort can happen with simple adjustments. Take cues from your body and introduce these changes into your work shift: 

Check your seat position. How you sit impacts your body, even your wrists and fingers. It’s easy to find yourself slouching or hunched forward if you’re too engrossed in a project, so take the time to arrange your chair so you are able to keep your back straight, your feet firm on the ground, and your arms aligned with your upper legs. Reduced stress on the lower half of your body contributes to your overall comfort.

Consider an adjustable desk. Desk risers have gained popularity in the workplace, in that they encourage people to alternate between standing and sitting at work. These adjustable platforms not only aid in circulatory health, but the activity keeps your joints flexible. If you work from home, consider adding a riser to your dedicated workspace.

Make time for stretching. After you hit send on an email, after you finish a report…any completed task serves as a milestone where you can stop for a breath and stretch. Healthline offers a handy list of arm and wrist stretches to get you through the day. Even a few minutes at a time helps with flexibility and reduced inflammation.

Use ergonomic equipment. If you find it difficult to maneuver around your workspace, the addition of a specially-designed keyboards or mouse, wrist rest, or other ergonomic gadget may be what you need for a comfortable experience. 

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Source: Cleveland Clinic

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