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4 Things to Know About Knee Braces

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Posted: Dec 20, 2019 | by admin | 0 Comment

Knee Brace Running Up A Granite Boulder In The MountainsIt’s no secret regular exercise is one key to managing joint pain, especially in the knees. As winter schedules fill with extra activities – from holiday shopping to house cleaning – it may require more walking than usual…and a little help.

At Bon Secours Virginia Orthopaedic and Spine Specialists, we offer patients a variety of therapies and treatments designed to alleviate pain. For some, use of a knee brace aids in improving quality of life. If you have never before used a knee brace to assist with mobility and/or managing pain, you may have questions about its effectiveness.

What does a knee brace do? A knee brace is a flexible device that helps reduce joint pain by shifting pressure from the affected knee. Wearing a brace can help you walk or run more easily than before. It’s not a substitute for a cast or designed to heal a puncture wound.

What types of knees braces are there? Knee braces may be comprised of metal, fabric, foam, or other materieals. Different braces serve different purposes as well. Braces may be designed specifically for post-injury or post-surgery rehabilitation, or for daily use for arthritic patients.

Are knees braces only for athletes? Simply put, no. While it’s common to see runners and other athletes with braces, they are used by people of all ages and levels of health.

How long can you wear a knee brace? It’s not uncommon for someone to wear a brace every day. How long may depend on the person’s comfort, the extent of the knee pain, and physician recommendations.

Our physicians and therapists can help you determine if a knee brace is right for your joint pain management. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.




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