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Lyme Disease: Four Things To Know

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Infected female deer tick on hairy human skin. Ixodes ricinus. Dangerous mite detail. Acarus. Infectious borreliosisLyme disease has become a topic of national conversation following news of singer Justin Beiber’s recent diagnosis. While the winter season tends to focus on health news relevant to the weather, such as flu prevention and airborne viruses, Lyme disease may also be contracted during this time – though it’s more common in summer months. It’s widely known that tick bites can transmit Lyme to humans, but there are other facts about this illness one should know…particularly its connection to joint pain.

Is Lyme Disease Contagious? Lyme disease is infectious in that people are at risk when exposed to deer ticks or other ticks known to carry the illness. Ticks are commonly small and immature ones – called nymphs – may be hard to spot. This is why it’s important to protect exposed skin with insect repellant if you plan to go camping or hiking in an area where ticks are found.

A tick bite can take up to 24 hours to give a person Lyme. One a person is diagnosed, it cannot be transmitted via human to human contact, or pet to human contact.

Can Lyme Disease Damage the Joints? Early symptoms of Lyme disease include headaches, fatigue, and fever. If left untreated after 30 days, one can experience a range of problems from numbness and facial palsy to painful inflammation of the joints and muscles. Early detection in key in treating this illness before the pain worsens.

Is Lyme Disease Curable? It is possible to full recover from Lyme disease. The time it takes depends on quickly one is diagnosed and treated. A patiented diagnosed early on may bounce back after a few weeks of medication, while others may take months or even a year to feel a hundred percent better.

Is Lyme Disease Fatal? Cases of deaths attributed solely to Lyme disease are extremely rare.


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