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3 Tips to Prevent Shoulder Injuries

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Posted: Feb 1, 2020 | by admin | 0 Comment

woman-girl-fitness-28061Shoulder injuries are among the most common joint-related maladies, by virtue of the amount of stress we put on this part of our body. We work our shoulders hard daily – when we sit long hours in front of our laptops, extending our arms toward out-of-reach items, and completing household chores. Continued inflammation of these particular joints can disrupt our daily schedules, and if pain is an issue for you, it’s important to help relieve the pressure put on your shoulders.

Exercise Your Shoulders

Take a few minutes every day for simple movements designed to keep your shoulder joints lubricated and flexible, and to maintain a good range of motion. SELF offers a list of stretches for the upper back and upper arm muscles that can aid in keeping healthy shoulder joints.

Limit Weight Stress

These days, we tend to take our work everywhere we go, and often it comes in the form of a laptop bag with a shoulder strap. Cross-body bags and backpacks can also put strain on the shoulders over time, especially if you’re carrying a significant weight. If you favor one shoulder for a bag, try to alternate for better balance, and consider using a bag with handles or a better-padded strap.

Watch Where You Reach

Sometimes the one thing you need is in a place you can’t readily reach. The cans at the top of the pantry and the books on the top shelf may appear easy to grab if you stand on tiptoes and stretch out your arm, but in doing this you could harm your shoulder – especially if you do not exercise it regularly. Rather than put your body through a strenuous test, use a step stool to retrieve out of the way items.

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