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Relax the Mind, Ease the Pain

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Posted: Apr 3, 2020 | by admin | 0 Comment

When circumstances prevent you from your regular exercise routine – be it your weekly gym visit or outdoor workout – it’s good to supplement your efforts with alternatives, provided they help. Movement aids in lubricating the joints and improving flexibility, and in turn plays an important role in your pain management. In a time like now, when we are cautioned to remain at home due to health concerns, you must also consider how to care for your mental health.

Stuck At Home, or Safe At Home?

woman-meditating-in-bedroom-3772612The idea of spending several weeks at home can seem frustrating. After you have organized your closets and planned meals, you may itch to burn off that nervous energy. Staying home when your usual haunts are closed inspires feelings of confinement, and uncertainty about the future – health, work, finances – takes its toll.

Do negative feelings and attitudes impact other aspects of your health? It’s possible, therefore it’s important to do what you can to manage your mindfulness in order to help with your physical discomforts.

Breath, Relax, Meditate

The Arthritis Foundation suggests that meditation may assist in easing stiffness and aches in the joints. As with any type of exercise, results come best through regular practice. Two methods recommended include:

  • Focused meditation like yoga in a relaxed seated or prone position, mindful of breath
  • Active meditation, or living in the moment, where an intent focus on your surroundings and/or light chores allow your mind and body to relax

Visit the Arthritis Foundation for more examples of mindfulness to aid joint health.

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