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Water-Based Exercises To Help Joint Pain

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Posted: May 29, 2020 | by admin | 0 Comment

photo-of-a-swimmer-on-swimming-pool-3775140It’s no secret that exercise helps to lubricate joints and reduce stiffness. Thirty minutes of walking, yoga, and/or light weights can contribute to improved mobility and less discomfort. If you want to add some variety to your fitness routine, the warming weather may inspire you to try a low-impact water-based workout.

According to Carlos Julio Aponte, M.D., chief of rheumatology at the Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital, underwater exercise offers benefits to people living with joint pain – psoriatic arthritis in particular:

  • Extension of range of motion
  • Improvement to muscular strength
  • Less stress on the joints during exercise

If you have access to a swimming pool, here are a few exercises to try for a healthy, low-impact workout.

Water Walk

A short walk across the length of your pool (or at your local gym or fitness center) helps warm up your muscles and improve circulation. Begin at a spot where the water reaches you mid-chest, then walk along the same depth. Depending on the size of the pool, you may wish to walk a few laps until you feel ready to work out. Be sure to keep your arms underwater as you’d normally walk, to assist your movement.

Knee Lifts

Stand in waist-deep water close to the pool’s edge so you can hold on for support. Lift one knee slowly, feeling the stretch as you raise it toward your waist. Lower, then repeat with the other knee.

Treading Water

This common water exercise works out several parts of the body. To tread water, find a location in the pool where you can comfortably move your arms and legs. Circulate your legs and move your arms to stay balanced. Treading water not only helps improve movement in your joints, but provides aerobic benefits.

See Health Central for a full list of water-based exercises to try for your next workout.

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Source: Health Central

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