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Lace Up For National Hiking Day

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Posted: Nov 16, 2020 | by admin | 0 Comment

pexels-ben-maxwell-1194235November 17 commemorates National Hiking Day. This year, pleasant Fall weather provides a comfortable opportunity for trekking through your favorite park or trail system. Hiking may also prove beneficial if you live with joint aches and stiffness. Movement lubricates the joints, and in turns may help with flexibility and reduced pain.

To enjoy a brisk hike, whether in an urban or remote rural setting, it’s important to plan ahead so there is no risk for discomfort or injury. Hiking is exercise, and like with approaching a workout there are considerations to keep in mind.

The Right Equipment

The shoes you wear on your hike should feel comfortable and support your feet and legs. Hiking shoes and boots come in a variety of styles depending on the terrain you will hike. Take your time in testing different pairs to find the perfect fit.

See more on how the proper shoes can reduce foot pain.

If you enjoy exploring trails high in the mountains, hiking poles can be helpful as you negotiate thick tree roots and rocky inclines. Outdoor provision stores offer selections with ergonomic grips, which are helpful if you experience joint pain in your hands and wrists.

Before You Go

If you’re planning a short hike or an all-day excursion, it’s important to warm up before you hit the trail. Stretching exercises help loosen your limbs and improve your range of motion. Take along a water bottle to stay hydrated, and if you’ve charted a hike through deep woods consider applying insect repellent for added protection. Even in cooler weather, there is the risk of infection from ticks and bites.

Tick bites may cause Lyme disease. Here are important things to know about this illness.

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