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What is Glucosamine?

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glucosamine for joint painPatients dealing with chronic joint pain such as arthritis utilize different treatments to manage their illness. Aside from physical therapy, minimally-invasive surgery and regular exercise, some may take supplements for pain management. Glucosamine has been used in some cases, and a recent study shows this particular supplement may offer additional benefits.

Researchers at West Virginia University suggest that daily dosage of glucosamine may be helpful in reducing the risk of cardiovascular illnesses, and in turn reducing the rate of related deaths. In the study, data collected from over 16,000 adults aged 40+, over a ten-year period yield the following findings:

  • Taking glucosamine/chondroitin daily for a year was linked to a 39 percent reduction in mortality from all illnesses
  • Regular dosage was linked to a 65 percent reduction in deaths from stroke and artery and coronary disease

Despite these figures, however, researchers note that such supplements should not replace exercise and other health habits.

What Is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine occurs naturally in the body’s cartilage. It helps support cartilage health and is important in protecting the bones where they meet at the joints. Over time, natural glucosamine levels can decrease, thereby contributing to joint inflammation and pain. While it is inconclusive if over-the-counter glucosamine supplements can reduce joint pain, studies have shown that dosages in place of placebos have aided patients (Rheumatology International via Medical News Bulletin).

Glucosamine may not work for all who deal with arthritis and other types of joint pain. Side effects can include nausea and bowel problems. Consult first with your doctor before taking on a new supplement regimen.

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Source: Science Daily

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