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Muscles to Strengthen For Spring Sports

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Posted: Mar 16, 2021 | by admin | 0 Comment

strengthening musclesWith proper warmup and exercise before engaging in sports comes the reduced risk of injuries like sprains and even bone fractures. As you train for whichever team or individual sport in which you’ll compete this spring, it’s important to focus on injury prevention in addition to building strength and agility.

When you build muscle strength, you build strength in your joints. Regular exercise not only improves bone density but helps to keep your joints lubricated and lower occurrences of stiffness and pain. Whether you’ve planned a season of baseball or basketball, track and field or tennis, take the time to get your body ready. Consider building strength in the muscles that support your joints:

  • Hamstrings and Calves: Your hamstrings are located on the backs of your thighs, while your calf muscles run along the backs of your lower legs. They work to keep you balanced as you run, and support your knees and ankles. Yoga stretching, rope jumping, and leg curls are good to shape up these muscles.
  • Biceps and Triceps: The upper muscles supporting the elbows flex the arm and extend the elbows. Low impact weight curls, overhead extensions with light weights, and pushups help strengthen these areas.
  • Anconeus and Brachioradialis: The muscles in the forearm work to flex and extend the arm, and support the elbows and wrists. Specific weight curling exercises, in addition to chinups, are good to build these muscles.

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