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4 Ways To Stick To Your Exercise Goals This Summer

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Posted: Jul 29, 2021 | by admin | 0 Comment

summer exerciseAs we move into the hottest days of the season, it’s likely our desire to wait for cooler temperatures trumps our determination to work toward fitness goals. For those who deal with some type of joint pain, exercise is one key to managing aches and stiffness. When we move, we maintain good mobility and flexibility. A lapse in routine can contribute to health risks, soreness in the joints and related issues that may make summer all the more uncomfortable.

When you lack motivation to exercise in high heat, simple adjustments can help get you back on track. If it’s hot for an outdoor workout, seek out an indoor alternative. If you have access to a swimming pool, take advantage and cool off — the water’s buoyancy can also help relieve pressure on your joints. Other tips to consider include: 

Setting Up A Schedule – When you adhere to a schedule, you are more likely to carry through with tasks and meet your goals. This applies to work, play, and exercise. Choose an ideal time for your daily exercise — early mornings or after sunset in summer offers the opportunity for lower temperatures. Use a journal or app to record your progress and keep you focused.

Use the Buddy System – Accountability counts! Recruit a friend or family member with similar exercise goals to ensure that you are meeting your scheduled workouts. If you are unable to meet face-to-face, look for app that lets you track each other’s progress. When exercise becomes social, you may find it’s more enjoyable.

Reserve an Incentive When You Finish – At the end of a hard work day, it’s nice to have a treat. Keeping to your exercise routine deserves a reward as well. As you set and meet your goals, congratulate yourself with something fun. If you plan to binge a TV show, for example, save the episodes to watch every time you finish a workout.

Know Your Limits – Above all else, don’t feel discouraged if you miss a day or fall short of an exercise goal. Your body has limits, and it’s important to take action when aches and pains become too much for what you’re trying to accomplish. Record your progress, and move forward.

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