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Observing Joint Care in the Pool

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Posted: Jul 15, 2021 | by admin | 0 Comment

pexels-sarah-schorer-835240Summer weather calls for days spent by the pool. If chronic joint pain is an issue for you regardless of the time of year, your time is better spent in the water than on a lounger. 

Search the Internet for information on relieving joint pain through swimming, and numerous sources advocating specific water sports come available. It’s no secret that physicians and orthopaedic experts recommend swimming exercises to increase flexibility and mobility. Movement of the arms and legs as you paddle and kick helps lubricate the joints and reduce stiffness. That said, one should take note of specific factors in pool exercise to help with pain management.

Water Temperature: Your first instinct, when getting into a pool, is to cool off. Cold water may feel nice on the skin when the sun scorches, but warmer pool water offers benefits to joint pain patients. The buoyancy of warm water allows for a better chance of pain reduction, and when submerged the body may experience a release of friction that permits improved flexibility and motion.

Side Benefits: Pool exercise also helps improve blood circulation and respiratory health, both of which contribute to continued joint health. Thirty minutes spent swimming can work wonders on the body.

Water-Based Exercises: One need not be limited to laps in the pool to stay healthy, either. If the pool you use isn’t quite set up for long laps, consider other exercises while submerged to help relieve stress on your limbs and joints. Water walking, knee lifts, and simple treading water offer as much benefits to your joints as swimming. See Health Central for a full list of water-based exercises to try for your next workout.

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