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Joint Care After 65

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Posted: Aug 18, 2021 | by admin | 0 Comment

pexels-yaroslav-shuraev-8087998It’s said age is only a number. Raised energy and high emotions can add years to your life and help hide your true age. As we approach National Senior Citizens Day this weekend, it’s a good time to reflect on the proper care of our bodies as we grow older. Our joints, in particular, require extra attention in order to maintain optimal mobility and flexibility.

According to the Center for Disease Control, arthritis risk increases with age, especially among women. Arthritis patients are also 2.5 times more likely to experience falls and related injuries owing to their joint condition. It is therefore important to work toward good joint health and joint pain management as you advance in age. (See more statistics from the CDC.)

Even if you haven’t reached 65, it’s never too early to make changes to your lifestyle to ensure you don’t slow down when you reach retirement. The little things you do know can make a big impact on your health for the better. These include:

  • Curbing your vices. Smoking, especially, can contribute to joint pain later in life. Quitting now also helps regain control of other issues down the road, like heart and respiratory health. If you drink, limit your intake to help improve your bone health.
  • Speaking of drinking, get into the good habit of hydrating regularly. Choose water whenever possible over sugary drinks and caffeinated beverages. The more water you drink, the more your joints stay lubricated and flexible. You’ll gain more energy and a desire to exercise.
  • Exercise is important, exercising properly more so. Take time to warm up before getting into your walking, running or weight training routines. Be mindful you don’t overdo it, too. Listen to your body’s cues and if you feel you’re going too hard, cool down and stretch.
  • Maintain a good relationship with your orthopaedic therapist. Preventative care can help you address issues with your joints before they become problematic and keep you from daily activities.

At Bon Secours Virginia Orthopaedic and Spine Specialists, we work with patients of all ages to minimize joint pain and improve quality of life. Contact us today to learn more about our procedures and therapeutic programs.


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