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3 Steps to Conquer Early Morning Pain

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Posted: Sep 22, 2021 | by admin | 0 Comment

pexels-pixabay-271897After a long night’s rest, it’s tempting to stay in bed well past your alarm. While sleep is essential for improvement of overall health, your body’s inactivity over several hours can impact joint pain and back stiffness. You’re moving again, and those early morning aches and pains make it difficult to get started. However, a few simple steps in your morning routine can help ease the transition into another day.

In a recent article in the Philadelphia Sunday Sun to observe National Pain Awareness Month, noted rheumatologist Dr. Micah Yu offered a number of tips to help combat joint pain upon waking. Among them:

  • Perform a slow wake-up and assessment of your body. Before moving out of bed, note any problem areas where you might feel stiff and achy and slowly work to get the blood flowing. Stretch a bit after waking, too, to help your muscles.
  • Engage in a short exercise before preparing for work or school. Even a minimum of five minutes — walking, yoga, or light weights — can lubricate the joints and work to reduce stiffness during the day. You’ll maintain flexibility and enjoy a more productive day.
  • Apply heat when possible. After a good morning stretch or walk, take a warm shower and keep your circulatory system functioning. Warm water also soothes the muscles and can help improve mood.

Read the full article from the Philadelphia Sunday Sun.

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