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Watch Where You Step

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Posted: Dec 16, 2021 | by admin | 0 Comment

freestocks-h5eLbyHzAcE-unsplashNo matter how cold it gets this December, you have to keep moving. Exercise is one of the best methods for relief from joint aches and stiffness. The more you move, the better your chances of keeping your joints flexible. You’ll increase your energy and mobility, and exercise is great if you find holiday sweets are tempting you this season.

If your arthritis or joint pain issues are centered in your feet and ankles, you’ll want to take extra caution in winter weather. Exercise aside, the final months of the year are peak for walking. Whether you’re out shopping for last minute gifts or strolling around the neighborhood gazing at light displays, you should watch your feet. It only takes one moment on one patch of invisible ice or slick to take the joy out of the holidays.

Keep safety measures in mind to protect your lower limbs, and prevent flare-ups:

  • Watch where you walk! Check the weather reports if you have a day of outdoor activities planned. When you exercise, try to go out at the peak of warm temperatures when any ice or snow has melted. Avoid areas with ice and snow to ensure you’re always on even footing.
  • Keep your feet and ankles dry and warm at all times. Comfortable shoes and protective socks work to keep the circulation moving. Good soles in winter also help with balance and comfort, so you can walk without putting too much stress on your body.
  • When relaxing, prop up your feet on an ottoman or other elevated surface. You never want your feet to feel cold. Keeping your feet and ankles raised can also benefit the rest of your body by reducing swelling and inflammation.

Should your feet, or ankles, give you trouble any time of year, Bon Secours Virginia Orthopaedic and Spine Specialists can help you with treatment and rehabilitation. Contact us today to learn more about our procedures and therapies.

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