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Winter Joint Pain Relief Tips

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Posted: Dec 10, 2021 | by admin | 0 Comment

genessa-panainte-6R1QdBuyG6g-unsplashWeather can affect the joints. It’s getting colder in Hampton Roads, and if chronic pain is a problem in mild temperatures you could risk greater stiffness and discomfort in the winter. Exercise is one key to relieving the symptoms of arthritis and joint pain during the holiday season. However, there are other practices to observe to aid in continued health through the spring.

Watch the holiday pounds. It’s not difficult to gain weight the last month of the year. The grand holiday dinners, the influx of sweets and cups of hot cocoa… it all adds up quickly. Weight gain any time of year can put pressure on the knees and ankles and exacerbate existing pain. Enjoy your holiday but watch what you eat, and get in plenty of exercise to help maintain balance.

Try Vitamin D. The “sunshine vitamin” is beneficial to the body in many respects, and can also boost one’s mood and energy. It’s tempting to stay indoors when the weather is cold, but it might lead to a deficiency in D, which in turn may lead to flare-ups in the joints. Whenever possible, take a few moments to get some sun, or speak with your physician about a Vitamin D supplement.

Stay warm. “Take a sweater!” Our parents instructed us to dress warm when going out, and their wisdom holds true now. Proper winter wear outdoors helps with joint fluidity and flexibility, and you’re less likely to experience stiffness than if you go outside without your gloves. Staying warm goes for the time you spend inside as well. Curl up in your favorite robe or blanket when spending a night in.

Keep your holidays merry and bright and free of joint pain. Contact Bon Secours Virginia Orthopaedic and Spine Specialists for information on our arthritis and joint fracture treatments and therapies.

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