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4 Things to Know About Spinal Fusion

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Posted: Jun 22, 2022 | by admin | 0 Comment

Rear view, the man holds his hands behind his back, pain in the back, pain in the spine, highlighted in red.Backaches are a fact of life. We get them if we don’t sit properly at work, or maybe we’ll forget to lift with our knees and suffer the consequences. These instances of back pain tend to subside in time, either on their own or with some massage or medication. Severe pain affecting the spine, however, may require more involved help to relieve.

Different spinal treatments exist for prolonged pain relief. Spinal fusion is one such procedure that may benefit patients with constant pain. At Bon Secours Virginia Orthopaedic and Spine Specialists, our skilled surgeons have performed this procedure on our patients. If you have considered spinal care to relieve your condition, here are a few important facts to know about spinal fusion:

Spinal Fusion is a common procedure. As the name implies, vertebrae are fused together to help stabilize the spine and reduce the pain originating from the affected area. Candidates for this operation may choose fusion because it is not as invasive as other procedures. Depending on the patient and surgeon, the operation may take anywhere from four to six hours. 

Spinal fusion can treat a variety of back conditions. This procedure is often performed to relieve back pain, but patients also consider it to aid in improved posture. People diagnosed with scoliosis or degenerative disc illnesses or spinal tumors have opted for fusion to improve their health.

Spinal fusion utilizes bone grafts. Bone grafts placed between the affected vertebrae work to fuse the vertebrae together during the procedure. The grafts may come either from another part of your body or a graft from a donor.

Spinal fusion requires recovery time. Depending on the severity of one’s condition, recovery from spinal fusion may take anywhere from a few months to half a year. You may undergo physical therapy as part of the process and need to refrain from strenuous activities and exercise until your orthopaedic physician clears you.

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