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Camping With Joint Pain

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Posted: Jun 10, 2022 | by admin | 0 Comment

scott-goodwill-y8Ngwq34_Ak-unsplashCamping is a fun activity designed to bring the family together, or to encourage a private commune with the great outdoors. Dealing with chronic joint pain can create a challenge on a summer trip, especially when flare ups occur. 

If you enjoy camping, whether in an RV or a primitive tent site, the precautions you observe can help you with a smoother trip.

Preparing For the Outdoors

Before leaving home, make a checklist of everything you need not only to properly camp, but to ensure joint pain relief while you’re away. Pack the medications you take, along with any comfort or ergonomic items. This might include luggage with easy to grip handles, heat packs, knee pads to make tent setup easier, and water to stay hydrated. 

Camping is often associated with quick-fix foods and s’mores, but it’s important to watch your triggers if sugar, caffeine and other ingredients cause your joints to ache. 

Adapting For Your Needs

Depending on the severity of your joint aches, you may require special accommodations when you camp. Look for campgrounds with ADA-compliant amenities like slip-free showers. You may also want to reserve a site close to the restrooms and showers if long walks are an issue. Camping is supposed to be fun, so don’t tax your body. Take advantage of available resources.

Acknowledging Your Limitations

Camping is for everyone. A short hike around your campsite can help lubricate your joints and improve flexibility. The time spent with family and friends joining you can raise your spirits. That said, know the limits of your body before taking on any strenuous activity associated with your trip. Rest when your body requires it, and take your time during campsite set up and break down. 

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