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How To Sleep Better This Summer

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Posted: Jul 8, 2022 | by admin | 0 Comment

sleep, pain, osteoarthritisExperts promote regular exercise as one way to help relieve joint pain. There’s something to be said, too, for a good night’s rest. According to the Arthritis Foundation, approximately eighty percent of arthritis sufferers experience poor sleep. As summer progresses, it can be a challenge to sleep well; therefore, simple adjustments to your nightly routine can help improve the quality of your sleep and in turn work to relieve your pain.

Lack of sleep may increase your risk of heightened joint pain, depression, and eventual disability. Summer challenges for good sleep include longer hours of daylight and more activity and distractions. To help improve your rest and eventual joint stiffness, try these measures to create an environment more conducive to slumber.

Darken your room. Especially if your bedroom windows face east, you may want to install blackout curtains for the duration of summer. The darker your room, the better you can control your sleep schedule.

Switch out your sheets. Experiment with sleepwear and bedsheets for comfort, depending on your room’s temperature. A weighted blanket may help you drift off to sleep more quickly, or lighter sheets without a comforter may work best. Listen to your body’s cue and find the right combination.

Reduce stimulants closer to bedtime. Some time before you go to bed, switch off the phone and laptop, and reduce exposure to light. Avoid caffeine and snacking before bedtime as well. Try some relaxing activities in the hour before going to bed, like yoga or reading a book.

Try relaxation techniques. Soothing meditation music or white noise sounds, aromatherapy, and meditation are a few techniques people use to relax before bedtime. Experiment with different things to help you drift into a deeper sleep. 

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