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Signs You May Need a Knee Replacement

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Posted: Jul 22, 2022 | by admin | 0 Comment

Knee painSigns alert us to urgent needs. Red octagons mean stop. Large arrows point us in the right direction. Circles with angular slashes warn us away from danger. It would be nice, when experiencing health problems, to receive a loud alarm or flashing lights, but sometimes signs of joint pain come subtly. 

The need for joint replacement surgery may become obvious to you if constant pain in the affected area becomes too much for daily life. Knee replacement, in particular, is a common procedure. As we grow older, the wear and tear on our knee joints can lead to the bones knocking together and causing stiffness and discomfort. If you lead an active lifestyle, a knee replacement may help you resume your favorite activities with reduced pain.

Persistent pain in the knee is a clear sign you may wish to consult with an orthopaedic surgeon. Other things to watch out for include:

  • Difficulty sleeping. A good night’s sleep is beneficial to your overall health, and good rest also aids in reducing joint pain. If you find your joint pain carries into the night and keeps you awake, it could be a sign to consider a procedure.
  • Difficulty walking and bending the joint. When stairs become a challenge, it may be a sign that medications and topical treatments can only give so much relief. Exercise is good for lubricating the joints and decreasing stiffness, but increased pain with the simplest of activities might mean taking the next step.
  • Physical deformity. If your knee appears swollen or bowing in a way that isn’t usual, these could be signs to take action. Don’t wait too long for physical appearances to change for the worse.

The physicians and therapists at Bon Secours Virginia Orthopaedic and Spine Specialists are here to help with your arthritis, joint pain, and fractures. Contact us today to learn more about our minimally invasive procedures. 


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