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Three Ways To Swim Without Joint Pain

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Posted: Jul 15, 2022 | by admin | 0 Comment

arthritis, arthritis reliefSwimming is terrific exercise. It helps tone muscles and improve cardiovascular health, and the movement is good for relief of pain in affected joints. With summer in full swing, sunny days call us to the pools and beaches, and ideal water conditions are important for swimming enjoyment.

Whether you swim regularly for exercise or visit the pool on occasion for a leisurely swim, stiffness in the arms and legs can spoil a summer day. If you want to add water activities to your exercise routine and help your flexibility and movement, take care to prepare your home pool or swimming environment.

Warm Water Works

Some swimmers find cold water exhilarating, and it’s nice to cool down when outside temperatures rise. However, swimming in warm pool water offers more benefits for aching joints. Warm water is buoyant, and more conducive to reducing pain. Submerge in a warm pool and you may experience improved range of motion.

Do More Than Swim

Swimming laps works out the arm and leg muscles, but that’s not the only activity helpful to staying flexible underwater. Experiment with water walking and simple underwater aerobics to see how your joints feel and operate. These may include simple leg and knee lifts and arm movements designed to work all the muscles. There is less stress on the body while performing these exercises underwater.

Thirty Minutes a Day

Pool exercise also helps improve blood circulation and respiratory health, both of which contribute to continued joint health. Thirty minutes spent swimming can work wonders on the body.


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