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Minimally Invasive “All-Inside” ACL Reconstruction Surgery

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A torn ACL used to be a career-ending injury for many athletes, but improvements in the surgery have helped active individuals of all ages get back to their desired activities. These technical improvements have resulted in less pain and stiffness, fewer complications, and faster recovery time.

At Virginia Orthopaedic & Spine Specialists, our team is on the cutting edge of this type of ACL repair surgery. Using a minimally invasive approach, called “All-Inside” ACL reconstruction, our sports medicine surgeon is able to place a reconstructed ACL graft inside the correct position in the knee to restore atomic knee joint function. This procedure is commonly called “All-Inside ACL reconstruction.” This new arthroscopically-assisted technique is performed by placing the ACL graft in bone sockets in the knee joint, which allows an orthopaedic surgeon to avoid drilling long bone tunnels.

When the outer hard shell of the bone is preserved, patients experience less pain. Less pain means a quicker functional recovery. Patients can also expect a decreased rehabilitation and recovery time and accelerated recovery of function in the knee.

The cosmetic benefits of this approach are also incredibly significant. Since no external instrumentation is applied during the procedure, this surgery can be performed with smaller incisions – resulting in less scarring.

To learn if you are a candidate for this minimally invasive approach, schedule an appointment with our fellowship trained sports medicine and arthroscopic knee specialist at 757.673.5680.