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If you are suffering from neck or back pain it can feel like you can’t wake up from a nightmare. For some lucky patients, the pain can be gone in just a few days. Unfortunately for some, spine problems do not go away quickly. The Spine Center of Hampton Roads can help. If you have experienced multiple surgeries and/or long periods of pain and disability from neck and back pain, we offer evaluation and treatment geared to provide you with an optimal, pain-free lifestyle.

At the Spine Center of Hampton Roads, you will have convenient access to the latest diagnostic technology. We utilize x-ray, MRI, CT, bone scan and other advanced diagnostic tools to evaluate each patient’s individual needs. Physical therapy is available at Bon Secours In Motion Physical Therapy locations throughout Hampton Roads. An aquatic therapy treatment program designed specifically for spine treatment is also available.

Meet The Specialists at The Spine Center

Mark B. Kerner, MD
Reeta M. Arora, MD
Theresa G. Jackson, MD
Nickolas L. Pezzella III, MD
Lora Blount, NP

Neck and back pain are complex problems. By fostering partnerships among diagnostic, hospital and therapy facilities, the Spine Center of Hampton Roads creates a unified treatment program that promotes communication and continuity of care for our patients.

Tour our Spine Center Office at the MAST One Building in Suffolk.