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Dislocated Joints

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Maybe a recent injury has left you looking and feeling a bit “bent.” A displaced or misaligned joint – whether in your shoulder or knee – is definitely not something to take lightly, however. Without treatment, you stand endure further damage to your ligaments and eventually a decrease in mobility, even if you’re not in that much pain.

This is why the physicians at Virginia Orthopaedic and Spinal Specialists are on hand to treat and rehabilitate dislocated joint injuries. Our doctors provide a full continuum of care that allows for treatment at any of our three locations around Hampton Roads, as well as at home where applicable and at the Bon Secours In Motion facility. When you come to VOSS for your care, we do more than fix the problem…we work with you to prevent future problems. We’ll show you how proper exercise and rehabilitation can strengthen your muscles and help your body to withstand injury. ¬†You may also meet with an In Motion nutritionist to discuss a diet and supplements that can strengthen the bones and ligaments.

At VOSS, the care doesn’t end when the bandages are cut away. We provide assistance beyond your initial treatment to ensure that your joints don’t become dislocated again. We invite you to learn more about what we do and how our association with Bon Secours Hampton Roads helps us provide the best bone and joint health services to patients in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and throughout¬†Hampton Roads.