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Muscle Tears

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You never know when it’s going to happen: you could be out on your morning jog, or maybe you’re on the job doing business as usual. You’ll reach for something on a high shelf, or you’ll take a long stride, and that’s when you feel it – that burning spike of pain that causes you to clutch the injured part of your body.

If you have ever torn a hamstring while exercising, or experienced a muscle tear due to an accident or other kind of injury, you know how difficult it is to regain your range of motion. Sometimes, though a pulled muscle is more serious than it appears, and if you continue move around in great pain it’s time to seek the assistance of the staff and physicians at VOSS.

At the center for Virginia Orthopaedic and Spinal Specialties, we offer specialized care for patients suffering muscle tears. Our full continuum of care allows patients to receive treatment at any of our facilities in Hampton Roads, at home, or at Bon Secours In Motion. We can provide for you a range of solutions from physical therapy and rehabilitation to minimally invasive procedures designed to promote less scarring and faster recovery than surgery. Whatever your needs for tendon tears, torn hamstrings or similar injuries, we are here to help.

Contact us today to learn more about our muscle and musculoskeletal care for patients in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Portsmouth and throughout Hampton Roads.