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When it comes to daily movement, the shoulder is the go-to joint of the body. Which often explains why it’s one of the more common injuries. A swim meet or tennis match is just as likely to bring about a shoulder injury as a weekend honey-do list and some aggressive garden maintenance. Injuries range from tendonitis to tendon tear and treatment is as unique as the patient experiencing the pain.

If reasonable, your care may consist of icing, rest, physical therapy and an anti-inflammatory medicines. However, more serious shoulder injuries may require surgery. In either case, you want to know that your Orthopaedic Surgeon has the skill, experience and technologies to help. Bon Secours Orthopaedic surgeons are adept at handling all levels of procedures and treatment plans, including minimally invasive ones. When you trust the experts at Bon Secours, you know you’ll be on the right track for faster healing, less pain, and a lower chance of infection.