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If you managed to get through childhood without spraining your ankle during a game of tag or a poorly executed cartwheel, consider yourself lucky. Such twists of the ankles or wrists may have earned us a reprieve from PE back in the day, but suffering a sprained ankle during a morning jog or a sprained wrist while lifting heavy boxes may not always excuse you from your daily responsibilities. Consider yourself lucky that the team at Virginia Orthopaedics and Spine Specialists are here to begin the healing.

When you sprain your joints, they will stretch the muscles beyond their capacity but not necessarily cause a tear. Still, it hurts. Sprains typically happen if you haven’t properly stretched and warmed up before exercise, or if you are putting undue stress on your joints and aren’t paying attention. The end result leads to painful swelling and bruising, and at times a decreased mobility.

We at VOSS specialize in treatment of sprains brought on by sports injury or other situations. Our team of amazing physicians will personalize your treatment and guide you through non-invasive treatment options and rehabilitation methods designed to strengthen your muscles and preventing future injury. Our association with Bon Secours Hampton Roads and Bon Secours In Motion offers additional support through our outstanding sports medicine program.

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